Pastoral Care

Breadbasket: Breadbasket is a group of concerned members of the congregation who wish to help others by providing food in times of need. Breadbasket receives names of individuals or families from clergy and then checks to see what the needs are: allergies, dislikes etc. Members of Breadbasket are then asked to provide a dinner for that parishioner. Contact Person: Nancy Schafer 503-364-3094, or leave a message at the church 503-362-3661.

Parish Nurse: Rhonda Boertien, RN, is the parish nurse. She is available to answer health questions, visit and assess parishioners with health issues and provide health services resources. The parish nurse is a member of the pastoral care committee. If you need to contact the parish nurse, her phone number is 503-390-7522 or you can e-mail her at

Pastoral Care Team: The Pastoral Care team includes clergy, the parish nurse, a Stephen Minister representative, and the coordinator of hospital and home Lay Eucharistic Visitors. This group meets as needed. They pray for and coordinate ministry to those on the parish prayer list and to parishioners who are referred to them. Contact Kati in the church office to add someone to our prayer list.

Hospital Visitation: The clergy and/or a member of the Pastoral Care team visit members of the congregation every weekday. Illness, surgery, emergency room: we will make every effort to be with you. Call the church office ahead of time if possible, 503-362-3661. This past calendar year, six hundred twenty-six calls to patients were made.

Hospital Eucharist Ministry: Immediately after Sunday worship services, licensed Eucharistic Visitors take communion to patients at Salem Hospital. An abbreviated service is read with the patient and communion is given. Four Eucharistic Visitors serve on rotation. To participate in this Ministry, contact Tom Meier at 503-759-9845.

Home and Assisted Living Eucharistic Ministry: Following Sunday Eucharist, licensed Eucharistic Visitors are sent out in weekly rotation from the congregation “bearing these Holy Gifts that those to whom you go would share in the communion of Christ’s Body and Blood,” and are available to the sick and shut-ins of the parish. Six Eucharistic Visitors serve on this rotation. To participate in this Ministry contact the Church office Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30 p.m.

Capitol Manor Eucharistic Ministry: The second Tuesday morning of each month, Holy Eucharist is scheduled for Episcopalians at Capitol Manor. Clergy and Eucharistic Ministers conduct a service, then go directly to the nursing care units where they distribute communion to individuals who cannot attend the service. Six Eucharistic Ministers serve in rotation. To participate in this Ministry contact the Church office Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30 p.m.

Prayer List: On Sundays and throughout the week, the parish lifts up in prayer those on our prayer list. Names are printed each week in the service bulletins and you are invited to take the list home as reference for your daily prayers. Names are listed for a month, but may be renewed by calling the office. Kati: 503-362-3661, Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30 p.m.